people, ideas and opportunities

What We Do

Through People, Ideas and Opportunities, we wish to offer coverage to young people, researchers and enterprises with innovative and creative ideas to generate a new production model in the EUROACE regions.

On the one hand, this action consists of individual work with young people and entrepreneurs to support the generation of innovative ideas by spreading awareness and helping them implement their ideas through specialised support and mentoring and fostering networking.

This action aims to offer young people in their final years of education, entrepreneurs and even business owners the tools needed to be able to implement projects to develop new products and services and even improve their employability.

Who Participates

How We Do It

The People, Ideas and Opportunities action consists of:

  1. Awareness Programme for Technology-Based Entrepreneurism: a training itinerary that includes workshops on technology-based entrepreneurism opportunities.
  2. Creativity and Mentoring: creativity workshops that inspire participants to develop a creative project that could lead to the creation of a company in the medium-term and offer consulting for creative projects with better development possibilities.
  3. CREATIVE LAB Platform: a technological tool to design and develop the participants’ creative projects in the People, Ideas and Opportunities activity.


Activity Coordinator: Patricia Da Costa Félix Bermejo and Maika Díaz Aguilar (FUNDECYT-PCTEX) |