multisector meetings

What we do

Share with the productive sectors of the participating regions knowledge and technological innovations that could be applied and provided they are related to the activities and lines of work of the INNOACE project, practically and adequately so that they can be applied and introduced into their production system, so as to increase its competitiveness through innovation or submit innovations that could be introduced.

Who participates

All INNOACE partners have a place in this action, in organising or participating in the training, disseminating and training activities related to the themes addressed in the INNOACE project.

How we do it

  • Divulgation activities: an exposition of results to interested companies.
  • Demonstration activities: demonstration of the function and results of technologies developed or tested.
  • Training activities: courses or training materials to strengthen skills in the use of different technological innovations.


Activity coordinator: Francisco Hinojal Juan | and Mercedes Pacheco Rodríguez |