valorisation of traditional food products

What We Do

This task achieves cooperation in the EUROACE region to develop new healthy products by using all-new ingredients with a marked functional nature as well as sharing technology and emerging methods in sensorial analysis.

To do so, a technological relationship will be established between participating centres and enterprises to share know-how in relation to the best current and emerging technologies.

Who Participates

Coordinated by: CTAEX (Extremadura Agricultural and Food Technological Centre)
Participating partners: CTAEX, CATAA and IPCB
Collaboration from: Conservas Martinete, Finca Pascualete, Sabores da Soalheira, Padaria Montalvão, Pires Lourenço.

How We Do It

  1. Selecting and defining products and ingredients to be studied
  2. Prior treatments for preparing and obtaining the selected healthy ingredients
  3. Product development and physical/chemical characterisation.
  4. The valorisation of products obtained from sensorial classification.
  5. Technology transfer


Activity Coordinator: Abel Crespo Bermejo (CTAEX) |