production of plant extract-based bioactive cosmetic products

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What We Do

Technological development activities aimed at new bioactive cosmetic products that may be commercially exploited by EUROACE companies.

This action is associated with the following goals:

  1. The identification of matrices with biological potential (agrofood by-products and/or endogenous plants in EUROACE).
  2. Baseline material conditioning
  3. The characterisation and quantification of compounds of bioactive interest
  4. Extraction development
  5. The formulation of cosmetics using bioactive ingredients
  6. The production of bioactive cosmetics under various formats
  7. A stability study of the natural cosmetics developed

Who Participates

Coordinated by: CTAEX (Extremadura Agricultural and Food Technological Centre)
Participating partners: CTAEX, CICYTEX, IPP and CEBAL
Collaboration from: Bioagrosense/Balneario El Raposo, INQUIBA, Laboratorio Carol, La Botica de los Perfumes, local action groups, Quinta Essência, ADL Baixo Alentejo, agricultural co-operatives, agroforestry producers, Terra Plena, ADCMoura/ EPAM project and other local development associations.

How We Do It

This action consists of the following work:

  1. Stockpiling plant matter and agrofood by-products
  2. The extraction of bioactive compounds of interest
  3. In vitro testing evaluation
  4. The formulation and production of bioactive cosmetics
  5. A stability study (control vs. high hydrostatic pressure)
  6. The transfer of results


Activity Coordinator: Rosa de la Torre Carreras (CTAEX) |